August 19th 2019

Dear Gyldendal Publishers

This inquiry is an open letter. We are a group of psychologists who are worried that you intend to continue selling the book Godnat og sov godt: Lær dit barn gode sovevaner (“Duérmete, niño” by Estivill / de Béjar (‘Sleep, Child’, ‘Goodnight and sleep tight’ in danish. red.)) The book urges to use a type of sleep training where the parents are advised to ignore the baby or little child’s crying in specific time intervals when the child is being put to bed. According to the book, it is banned to nurse or rock the baby or cuddle and hold the upset child through the evening and night. In other words, the book urges parents to abstain from comforting their children when they are crying.

When you refused to remove the book from your assortment you referred to the fact that you have been in contact with researchers in Denmark and abroad, and that you on the background of their opinion do not find any reason to withdraw the book. We are wondering which researchers you have talked to and on what studies you base your decision. We want to draw attention to the fact that studies on this matter are generally of low [1], and the fact that there might be financial interest for some researchers in recommending sleep training books[2]. We urge you to seek knowledge with some of the researchers that have been stressing the risks associated with sleep training, e.g. Pamela Douglas (Dr. and Ph.D.)[3], James McKenna (Professor and Ph.D in anthropology)[4] and Sarah Blunden (Ph.D. in Psychology)[5]. For a critical review on this matter, we refer to Tracy Cassels (Ph.D. in Psychology)[6, 7, 8].

Babies and small children are deeply dependent on comfort and mental care from their parents and it might have negative consequences for their development if they are not properly comforted and calmed when they are feeling sad or crying. Children that are not being met sufficiently with comfort and mental care when they are sad can find it difficult to deal with their emotions[9]. Furthermore, insufficient or lacking comfort and mental care can damage the vital attachment between the child and the parents. Attachment is seen as an emotional bond between children and their parents and this bond can be of good or less good quality. If the child is being seen and met with care and comfort whenever it needs it, he or she will feel safe in the relationship with the parents and that would be classified as a secure attachment. On the other hand, if the child is experiencing that its feelings and needs are not being met and recognized, it could result in a low quality attachment, also called, insure attachment. Thus, if parents for a period of time are neglecting to comfort their crying child, there might be a risk of an insecure attachment[10]. 

According to the book, crying is seen as manipulation. Furthermore, it is seen as a way to get the parents’ attention if the child cries so intensely that it vomits, and the parents are advised to change the sheets and let the crying continue. We would like to underline that crying is not a way of manipulation and that babies and young children are not even capable of manipulation and cannot deliberately vomit. Crying is the child’s way of communicating. In this way, the child can communicate its needs, both physically and emotionally. In other words, a crying child needs its parents and the parents will instinctively react and care for the child’s needs. If the crying is ignored for a longer period of time, the child will stop crying. Some will say that now the child has learned to calm him/herself. But studies tell us that babies and young children are not capable of calming themselves and their nervous systems. The child has simply stopped crying and communicating because it learned that no one listens. In other words, the child can still be sad, afraid or lonely, but it has stopped expressing its feelings[11].

Furthermore, we are concerned that the book gives misleading information about babies’ and young children’s sleep patterns. According to the book, a baby at 6-7 months of age is supposed to sleep through the night alone (about 12 hours), and it is the opinion of the authors that if the baby does not do that, the baby has a sleeping problem. Parents are led to believe that their baby has a sleeping problem even though the baby is sleeping perfectly normal for a child at that age. Frequent awakenings through the night are normal for babies and young children, just as it is normal that they need their parents to get to sleep and through the night if they wake up[12]. The book gives the impression that sleep training is necessary in order for the child to sleep better[13]. Research has shown that sleep training does not improve children’s sleep. Sleep training can teach the child to stop crying and call for its parents, but it does not help the child to get better sleep. The book insinuates that the child will have sleeping problems for a long period of time if the parents do not train the child with the described method, but we simply do not have scientifically proof of that. Moreover, the book recommends that the baby should sleep in its own room by the age of 3 months at the latest. This can increase the risk of SIDS since it is the safest for the baby to sleep in the same room as the parents[14, 15].

The book is written by a doctor and sold by a renowned publisher which maybe makes parents use this method without reflecting. We are of the opinion that you as the publisher hold a responsibility in distributing this outdated and potentially damaging method. We hope that you will reconsider the withdrawal of the book, and we look forward to your response.

Signed by 723 psychologists.


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Signed by psychologist:

Camilla Juhl Dorland, cand.psych.
Heidi Kempel Hansen, cand.psych.
Diana Kløvedal, cand.psych.
Christine Posselt, cand.psych.
Kirsten Vestergaard Andersen, cand.psych. aut.
Michelle Iben Andersen, cand.psych.
Mette Smedegård-Holmquist, cand.psych. aut.
Kirstine Maria Frimand Jensen, cand.psych. aut.
Teresa Steffens, cand.psych.
Josefine Dencker, cand.psych.
Louise Filholm Kjærgaard, cand.psych. aut.
Britta Danø, cand.psych. aut., lektor i psykologi
Vivi Bach, cand.psych. aut., ph.d.
Jeanett Taxbo, cand.psych. aut.
Ida Marie Arlander Hald, cand.psych. aut.
Mathias Jensen, cand.psych. aut.
Jeanett Bonnichsen, cand.pæd.psych. aut.
Silke Louise Fiil Visby, cand.psych. aut.
Stine Bleeg Stenderup, cand.psych. aut.
Iben Kyhl Nielsen, cand.psych.
Sofie Winther, cand.psych. aut.
Lise Lotte Rasmussen, cand.pæd.psych. aut.
Janna Sonne-Hansen, cand.psych. aut.
Rosa Øllgaard, cand.psych., familiebehandler
Jesper Riis Lindholm, cand.psych. aut.
Jane Roed Maul, cand.psych. aut.
Cathriona Cantio, cand.psych. aut., Ph.d.
Joy Normann Kaner, cand.psych. aut.
Tille Schøler, cand.psych. aut.
Ida Knakkergaard, cand.psych., efteruddannelse i spædbarnsterapi
Rebecca Thorbek Uldall, cand.psych.
Helle Søgaard Nielsen, stud.cand.psych.
Kitt Marianne Ingemann Ivarsen, cand.psych. aut.
Tine Busk, cand.psych. aut.
Sine Fisker Sørensen, cand.psych.
Mette Agerskov Petersen, cand.psych.
Nina Lange Forsberg, cand.psych. aut.
Signe Brandt, cand.psych. aut.
Heidi Reippurt, cand.psych.
Jørgen Casparsen, cand.psych. aut., afdelingsleder
Charlotte Frølund Buch Hansen, cand.psych. aut.
Marie Strøm Nygård, cand.psych. aut.
Anna Sofie Slot, cand.psych. aut.
Katrine Isabella Wendelboe, cand.psych, Ph.d.-studerende
Sólveig Kristín Gunnarsdóttir, cand.psych. aut., specialist i klinisk børnepsykologi
Kirstine Stenholt Østergaard, cand.psych. aut.
Mette Christensen, cand.psych. aut.
Nina Høvring Lassen, cand.psych. aut, psykolog i PPR
Birgitte Schaumann, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykoterapi
Lital Cohen Lyngbæk, cand.psych. aut.
Christina Glad Pedersen, cand.psych. aut.
Benedikte Jordet, cand.psych. aut., specialist i børne og ungdomspsykologi
Sandra Wad Christensen, cand.psych.
Unn Dam Toftegaard, cand.psych.
Janni Nibuhr Thrysøe, cand.psych. aut.
Susanne Ley, cand.psych.
Kristina Søe Høyrup, cand.psych. aut.
Karoline Winther, cand.psych. aut.
Katja Franch Toftdahl Olesen, cand.psych. aut.
Line Johansson, cand.psych. aut.
Roksanda Sørensen, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykoterapi
Tenna Malmos, cand.psych.aut.
Thomas Nicolaj Iversen, Cand.Psych.Aut
Sara Nina Herborg. Cand.psych.aut.
Stephanie Cooper, Cand. Psych.
Vicki Lind Kølbæk, cand.psych.
Freja Rose, cand.psych.
Agnete Hvidberg, cand.psych., specialist i psykoterapi
Ulla Burmeister, cand.psych.
Malene Broughton, cand.psych.
Katrine Spiegelhauer, cand.psych. aut.
Paulina við Skipá, Cand.psych.
Tenna Hovgaard Svendsen, cand.psych.
Maria Wessman, cand.psych.
Chanette Winther Buus, cand.psych. aut.
Stine Sulen, cand.psych. aut.
Stinne Mølgård, cand.psych. aut.
Ulla-Maria Quist, cand.psych. aut.
Louise Holsøe, cand.psych.
Hanne Brit Aagaard, cand.psych. aut.
Nicoline Mehlsen, cand.psych.
Solveig Wandall, cand.psych.
Murielle Morin Marcussen, cand.psych. aut.
Laura Tange Beich, cand.psych.
Jossefin Nyborg, cand.psych. aut.
Lisa Brask Kærsmose, cand.psych. aut.
Helle Kjær, cand.psych. aut.
Nina Lildal-Schrøder, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykopatologi
Caroline Ahlgren Tøttrup, cand.psych. aut.
Liv Starheim, cand.psych. aut., ph.d.
Luiza Bertolucci, cand.psych. aut.
Dorthe Bjerregaard Riisom, cand.psych.
Christine Løvgaard Jakobsen, cand.psych.
Tobias Tang Møllehave, cand.psych., børnepsykolog
Clea Thastum, cand.psych. aut.
Kaja Dreiøe Möglich Rasmussen, cand.psych, familiepsykolog
Mette Lebech Andersen, cand.psych. aut.
Josefine Calundan, cand.psych.
Svend Klingberg, cand.psych. aut.
Morgan Kezia Bjerre, cand.psych. aut.
Martin Fiilsø Jensen, cand.psych.
Sarah E. Ambs-Thomsen, cand.psych. aut.
Anne Christina Mørch, cand.psych.
Line Østergaard Askjær, cand.psych.
Nina Porsager Seierøe, cand.psych. aut.
Signe Feilberg, cand.psych. aut.
Pernille Lærke Iversen, cand.psych.
Jeanne West, cand.psych.
Camilla Butcher, cand.psych.
Mai Sisse Øllgaard Waage, cand.psych. aut.
Trine Lill Løwenstrand, Cand.psych. aut.
Jonna Knudsen, cand.psych. aut.
Lise Morgils, cand.psych. aut.
Johanne Felbo, cand.psych. aut.
Signe Maria Hegestand, cand.psych. aut.
Louise Gilbert, cand.psych. aut.
Nadia Madsen, cand.psych.
Astrid Berninger Alrø, cand.psych.
Matine Ladegaard, cand.psych.
Ida Drejer Djurhuus, cand.psych.
Laila Fauerskov Duch, cand.psych. aut.
Anja Heinesen, cand.psych.
Anders Friis Løfting, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykoterapi
Maria Tornsberg, cand.psych. i PPR
Maria Nørgaard Andersen, cand.psych. aut.
Anna Hvas Andersson, cand.psych, adjunkt
Maja Maria Hove Thomsen, cand.psych. aut.
Silas Svaneklink, cand.psych. aut.
Louise Munk, cand.psych. aut.
Julie Lysdal Alexandre, cand.psych.
Therese Aas Schultz, cand.psych. aut.
Henriette Junker, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykoterapi
Tina Møller Jensen, cand.psych.
Anne-Mette Kepler, cand.psych. aut.
Anne-Sofie Damm Kristensen, cand.psych.
Ditte Lolk Koschnick, cand.psych.
Birgitte Nørbo, cand.psych. aut., specialist i klinisk psykologi
Danijela Vukovic, cand.psych.
Christine Tygesen Wolfhagen, cand.psych. aut.
Louise Dukai, cand.psych.
Jeanne Stenhøj, cand.psych.
Ingvild Borch, cand. psych.aut.
Majbritt Laurberg, cand.psych. aut.
Tina Borch Jacobsen, cand.psych. aut.
Henry Drøscher, cand. psych. aut., børnepsykolog
Ninna Skov Madsen, cand.psych. aut.
Anne Hartelius, cand.psych. aut.
Mette Batsberg, cand.psych. aut.
Heidi Skovgaard Agerkvist, cand.psych. aut.
Helena Willum Thingvad, cand.psych.
Ulla Reisler, cand.psych.
Catrine Madsin, cand.psych. aut.
Betina Bak, cand.psych. aut.
David Achen Graae, cand.psych. aut.
Mona Kjærgaard Kristiansen, autoriseret psykolog
Ditte Randlev Salling, cand.psych. aut.
Mette Cathrine Rasmussen, autoriseret psykolog
Puk Bihlet, cand.psych.
Sif Maia Ladefoged Simonsen, cand.psych.
Mimi Wilken, cand.psych. aut.
Hilal Dogan Kayaalp, cand.psych. aut.
Mette Lysdahl Fahrenholtz, cand.psych. aut.
Zahra Rammahi, cand.psych.
Katrine Rydahl, cand.psych. aut.
Lars Didriksen,
Camilla Zacho Woetmann, cand.psych. aut.
Christina Duedal Jensen, cand.psych. aut.
Astrid Toftegård, cand.psych.
Kirstine Bruun Larsen, cand.psych. aut.
Ina Smidt Holm, cand.psych. aut.
Julie Bischoff Kjær-Andersen, cand.psych.
Charlotte Ljunggren, cand.psyk. aut.
Malene stæhr, cand.psych. aut.
Jonna Nygaard, cand.pæd.psych. aut.
Sarah Bergmann Rasmussen, cand.psych.
Mina Nambiar, cand.psych. aut.
Katrine Lynn Hulstrøm, cand.psych.
Anne Klode, cand.psych.
Ida Ankjær Sørensen, cand.psych.
Soleyd Larsen, cand.psych.
Christina Dinesen, cand.psych. aut.
Tom Pedersen, cand.psych. aut.
Ninna Zaar, cand.psych. aut.
Nina Nørgaard Fahnøe, cand.psych. aut.
Helle Thybo Clemmesen, cand.psych. aut.
Pernille Jervelund Hansen, cand.psych. aut.
Charlotte Juul Sørensen, cand.psych. aut.
Gitte Lundin Christiansen, cand.psych. PhD
Ane Waldejer Pedersen, cand.psych. aut.
Line Søberg Bjerre, cand.psych. Ph.d.
Nanna Kruuse, cand.psych. aut., specialist i børneneuropsykologi
Ella De Figueiredo Lykke, cand.psych.
Berit Mus Christensen, cand.psych. aut.
Charlotte Staal Dinesen, cand.psych. aut. Børne- og familie psykolog
Cindie Chandhok, cand.psych. aut., familiebehandler og PPR psykolog
Johanne Dahl-Hansen, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykoterapi
Jeannette Krog, cand.psych. aut.
Eva Ethelberg, aut., specialist og supervisor i sundhedspsykologi og psykoterapi
Pia Pippi Sprogøe, cand.psych. aut., specialist og supervisor i psykoterapi
Iben Fog Staal, cand.psych. aut.
Ditte Bach Nielsen, cand.psyk. aut.
Cecilie Katarina Falk, cand.psych.
Nina Foersom Kristensen, cand.psych. aut.
Hanne Karkov, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykoterapi med børn
Louise Arnfeldt, cand.psych.
Charmaine Bell Knudsen, cand.psych.
Cathrin Farup Henriksen, cand.psych.
Karen H.W. Lyngesen, cand.psych. aut.
Anne Gyldendal Sørensen, cand.psych.
Sofie Frøjk Tannebæk, cand.psych.
Line Popp Mathiesen, cand.psych. aut.
Beinta Atladóttir, cand.psych.
Bettina Gross, cand.psych. aut.
Michelle Frisgaard, cand.psych. aut.
Peter Nielsen, cand.psych. aut.
Anne Møller Mortensen, cand.psych. aut.
Maiken Håkonsson, cand.psyk. aut.
Anne Bank Nielsen, cand.psych. aut.
Michelle Lykke Jensen, cand.psych. aut.
Rie Strange Kjeldsen, cand.psych. Børne og familiepsykolog
Ninna Anderson-Ingstrup, cand.psych. aut.
Line Højbjerg Olesen, cand.psych. aut.
Signe Denckert Hernes, cand.psych.
Karen Møller Vium, cand.pæd.psych. aut.
Pil Brigsted Samuelsen, cand.psych.
Maria M. Bang, cand.psych. aut.
Lise Nissen-Lauritzen, cand.psych. aut.
Laura Bojsen Petersen, cand.psych., småbørnspsykolog i PPR
Alice Fabech, cand.pæd.psych. aut.
Julie Røhder Härtel Husted, cand.psych.
Helene Straarup, autoriseret psykolog
Sidsel Søndergaard Baastrup, cand.psych. aut.
Berit Winsløv, cand.psych. aut.
Karina Væggemose, cand.psych.
Line Boe Jensen, cand.psyk .aut.
Camilla Wellendorf, cand.psych.
Gitte Lisager Johansen, cand.psych.
Gry Blædel, cand.psych. aut.
Janne Søgaard Nielsen, cand.psych. aut.
Carina Lausen, cand.psych.
Marlene Louise Rasmussen, cand.psych. aut. Småbørnspsykolog i PPR
Majken Maria Gaardsvig, cand.psych.
Maja Jessen, cand.psych.
Gilly Gall, cand.psych. aut.
Charlotte Baltzer Rode, cand.psych.
Mette Lodberg Strand, cand.psych. aut.
Stephanie Morrison Lumbye, cand.psych. aut.
Sarah Foss Fabricius, cand.psych. aut.
Marlene Skovgaard Lyby, cand.psych.
Maria Bang-Schnack, cand.psych.
Jeanette Bonde, cand.psych. aut.
Anne Stilling Jeppesen, cand.psych.
Majken Sonne, cand.psych. aut.
Marianne Søholm Iversen, autoriseret psykolog
Stine Møller Madsen, cand.psych. aut.
Mette Lindhardt Mogensen, cand.psych. aut.
Rikke Nynne Clauber, cand.psych.
Anne Blom Corlin, cand.psych. aut.
Lena Fredensborg, cand.psych. aut.
Christina Ørndrup Rask, cand.psych. aut.
Martina Andersson, Søe, cand.psych.
Birgit Juul, cand.psych. aut.
Julie Theill Bøgild, cand.psych. aut.
Mette Børglum Brygger, cand.psych. aut.
Nete Rigenstrup, cand.psych.
Jane Reimann, cand.psych. aut.
Tina Haren, cand.psych. aut.
Maria Louise Petterson, cand.psych. aut.
Louise Balslev Garnæs, cand.psych.
Maj-Brit Lyngsaa Korsgaard, cand.psych. aut.
Sigrid Reinvard Kølster, cand.psych. aut.
Dorte Christiansen, cand.psych.
Randi Hvid Poulsen, cand.psych. aut.
Stine Aagaard, cand.psych. aut., specialist i klinisk børnepsykologi
Maria Chebørløv Brix, cand.psych. aut.
Mie Marie Hye-Hestvang, cand.psych.
Jette C. Jørgensen, cand.psych. aut. i PPR ved 0-6 års området
Stinne Lau Sørensen, cand.psych. aut.
Janni Drechsler, cand.psych. aut.
Joanna Tawfiq, cand.psych.
Anne Klitte Thomasen, cand.psych.
Robert Benjamin Andersen, cand.psych. aut.
Jesper Mogensen, cand.psych.
Trine Andersen, cand.psych.
Tine Weeke Mølgaard, aut. psykolog v. PPR
Helle Rasmussen, cand.psych.
Charlotte Lund Tougaard, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykoterapi
Lykke Borg Nielsen, cand.psych.
Line Filskov Jakobsen, cand.psych.
Marie Kornum Petersen, cand.psych.
Brigitte Kjær Pedersen, cand.psych. aut.
Stine Ellegaard Christensen, cand.psych.
Frederikke Grith Rosenstand, cand.psych.
Janne Hjorth Topping, cand.psych.
Birgit Rendsmark, cand.psych. aut., specialist i klinisk børnepsykologi
Susanne Wederkinck Nielsen, cand.psych. aut.
Anne-Mette Lyngvold Nielsen, cand.psych. aut.
Sofie Paabøl, cand.psych. aut.
Charlie Sigge Hedman, cand.psych.
Janne Langkilde Rosenbeck, cand.psych. aut.
Iver Hecht, cand.psych. aut.
Anne Jeggesen, cand.psych. aut.
Katja Larsen, cand.psych.
Birgitte Seldorf, cand.psych. aut.
Anne Smed Christensen, cand.psych.
Maria Holm Rasmussen, cand.psych.
Birgitte Hartvig Jespersen, cand.psych., specialist og supervisor i klinisk børnepsykologi
Noomi Katz-Kolberg, cand.psych. aut.
Ester Solås Petersen, cand.pæd.psych., specialist i klinisk psykologi
Bela Leonie Büchner, cand.psych. aut.
Tine Taulbjerg Kristensen, cand.psych.
Christina Bengtson, cand.psych.
Pernille Andrés Blidsøe, cand.psych. aut.
Amanda Krogsgaard Thomsen, cand.psych.
Margit Novland, cand.psych.
Karen Boelt Jensen, cand.psych. aut.
Annette Lando, cand.psych. aut.
Astrid Nyboe Bach, cand.psych. aut.
Sissal Jørgensen, cand.psych.
Lillian Svensson, cand.psych. aut.
Marie Bjerregaard Jensen, psykolog, PhD.
Rikke Pristed, cand.psych. aut.
Natascha Blak Fyrst Christensen, cand.psyk. aut.
Lotte Hauge Sørensen, cand.psych.
Kristian la Cour Andersen, cand.psych.aut.
Christina Keis Jakobsen, cand.psych. aut.
Dina Lavdal Høgh, cand.psych.
Nathalie Hornshøj Lissner, cand.psych. aut.
Rikke Amalie Agergaard Jensen, cand.psych.
Hoda Al-Shahib, cand.psych.
Tom Steen Jensen, cand.psych.
Lotte Ploug Christensen, cand.psych.
Louise Sørensen, cand.psych. aut.
Mikala Kyster Eskildsen, cand.psych.
Katrine Juul Hansen, cand.psych. aut.
Julie Rantzau, cand.psych. aut.
Maria Brønden, cand.psych. aut.
Vitha Weitemeyer, cand.psych. aut.
Monica Adelheid Ambo, cand.psych.
Isabel Sidenius, psykologi studerende
Nana Therkildsen, cand.psych. aut.
Andrea Keller Lees, cand.psych.
Ciara Laybourn, cand.psych.
Katrine Werge Karlsen, cand.psych.
Laura Maria Schack Löffler, cand.psych.
Badria Nawabi, cand.psych. aut.
Marie Skaalum Bloch, cand.psych. aut. Specialist i psykoterapi
Maria Heldgaard, cand.psych. aut.
Maj Faarkrog, cand.psych. aut.
Tenna Hansen, cand.psych. aut.
Dorte Birk, cand.psych. aut.
Katrine Friis, autoriseret psykolog
Ida Lohse, cand.psych. aut.
Ditte Eggert Jørgensen, cand.psych.
Sabrina Gissel Madsen, cand.psych.
Ditte-Marie K. Jakobsen, cand.psych.
Camille Leicht, cand.psych. aut.
Signe Bruun-Rasmussen, cand.psych. aut.
Rikke Laurent Lund Adamsen, cand.psych. aut.
Sisse Krogh Larsen, cand.psych.
Isabella S. Pedersen, cand.psych. aut., specialist klinisk psykologi
Siri Folsø Henriksen, cand.psych. aut.
Henriette Clausager Marquardsen, cand.psych. aut., specialist i psykoterapi
Ditte Lund Christensen, cand.psych.
Line Sangild Thimmer, cand.psych.
Naya Mi Højbjerg Hansen. Cand.Psych. i PPR
Anne Suurballe Tornelund Cand. Psych.aut
Dorthe Landholt Cand.Pæd.Psych. Specialist i klinisk børnepsykologi
Inge Marie Plauborg Nielsen Cand psych Aut og Specialpsykolog i voksenpsykiatri
Fie Mørk Cand. Psych. Aut.
Mathilde Hejlesen, cand.psych.aut.
Anders Christian Böss, cand.psych.aut
Christine Hochfeld, cand.psych.
Line Ejsing, cand.psych.aut
Louise Bech Meyer, cand.psych.aut
Sara Bork, cand.psych
Stephie Heidemann, cand.psych.
Alia sethi cand.psych.aut, spec. i klinisk psykologi
Tina Grøndahl Olsen, cand.psych, specialist i sundhedspsykologi på børneområdet
Gitte Westphael, cand.psych.
Nina Schultz Hansen, cand.psych.aut
Cecilie Stjernholm Skov, cand. psych. aut.
Lotte Birkemose Nordam – cand.psych.aut
Katarina Jensen, Cand.Psych.
Louise Rørmose Gade, cand.psych
Ingrid Brattskar, cand.psych.
Katrine Bjernemose, autoriseret psykolog
Sabine Trouman Vested, Cand. Psych. Aut.
Camilla Limkilde Frydenlund Ohm cand. Psych
Anne-Sofie Schjødt, cand.psych.aut
Benedicte Kidmose, cand.psych., aut.
Louise Thomine Houmann, cand. Psych. Aut.
Petra Patzwaldt, cand.psych.aut.
Tanja Ryberg Jensen, cand. Psych.
Claudia Tassone, cand.psych.
Karina Mortensen. Cand. Psych.
Maria Westergaard, cand. psych. aut.
Camilla Lundin Overbeck, cand. psych. Aut
Camilla Boel, cand. psych.
Henriette Hedegaard Olesen, cand.psych.aut.
Nadia Maina Korfitsen, cand.psych.aut
Christina Linddahl Andreasen, cand.psych.
Stinne Fleischer, cand.psych.aut.
Tanja Beier Sørensen, Cand.psych.
Annette Bugge Dias, Cand. Psyk. Aut
Line Pfeiffer Jørgensen Holter, cand.psych.
Giulia Leonessi, cand.psych.
Trine Bach Valsted, cand.psych.
Noella Dimke-Jensen, cand.psych.
Liv Vadskjær Hjordt, PhD, cand. Psych.
Vicki Lind Kølbæk, Cand Psych.
Karen Sverdrup Henriksen, cand.psych
Nina Møller Tauber, cand. psych.
Betina Nørgaard Mathiassen, cand.psych. aut.
Nanna Folsted Petersen, cand. psych. aut.
Kamilla Kosar, cand.psych.
Mette Hønholdt Akselsen, cand.psych.
Mette Marie Støttrup, cand.psych.aut.
Anne Halkjær, cand. psych. aut.
Tina Sand Odgaard, cand.psych. Aut.
Malene Viderup Worm, Aut Cand psych. Specialist i psykoterapi
Patrick Renault, cand.psych., aut.
Maiken Nøhr Jensen, cand. psych.
Maria Yousoupova, Cand. Psych. Aut. Specialpsykolog i psykiatrien
Mette Birch, cand. psych. aut.
Lisbeth Serup Grove, cand.psych.aut.
Louise Guldberg Rasmussen, cand.psych.
Kathrine Aaen Skov, cand.psych.
Malene Wulff Braüner, cand.psych.
Lotte Rubæk, cand.psych., specialist i psykoterapi børn
Stine Hæk, cand. Psych. Aut.
Miriam Lindholm cand. Psych
Camilla Bendix, cand.psych
Christina Haahr Halberg, cand. psych.
Susanne Bærentzen, cand. Psych. Aut. Specialist psykoterapi
Nadia Kadi, cand.pæd.psych.aut
Maiken Venø, cand.psych
Therese Damgaard Jessen, cand.psych.aut
Solveig Outsen, Cand.psych.aut
Kristian Larsen, cand.psych
Tine Steenhoff, cand. psych. Phd-studerende
Sophie M. S. Gundersen, cand.psych
Anna Maria Riis Hedegaard, cand. Psych. Aut
Kit Bodin Cand. Psych
Marianne Nortvig Mortensen, cand.psych.aut
Chanett Bloch, Cand. Psych.Aut
Lærke Jul Kirkegaard-Larsen, cand.psych
Lea Klærke, cand.psych, psykolog i børne- og ungdomspsykiatrien
Mie Bjerre, cand psych
Lise Liv Skovgaard, cand. psych
Sophia Hofman Adjei, cand. Psych. aut.
Lise Rask Holm Fick, cand. psych., aut.
Sidsel Tougaard, cand.psych.
Rikke Koudahl, Cand.psych aut
Signe Juel Mønnike, cand.psych.
Johanne Stentoft, Cand. Psych.
Maria Rask Byskov, cand.psych.
Anja Frydshou, Cand.Psych.Aut.
Nina Ry-Mikkelsen, cand.psych. aut.
Christina Maar Andersen cand.psych., ph.d.
Sisse Gry Olsen, cand.psych.aut
Maiken Hyldgaard Knudsen, cand.psych.
Michael Nissen, cand psych aut
Lisbet Hartwell Christensen, Cand Psych aut.
Anne Wessel Kaspersen, cand psych aut.
Jonna Jelsbak Dahl, cand.psych.,aut.,ph.d.
Carina Bisgaard, cand.psych.aut.
Mette Westh Hansen, cand.psych.
Marianne Hestehave, cand.psych.aut.
Marianne Schøler, cand.psych.aut
Maiken Lund Binderup, cand psych.aut
Anne-Sofie Palmelund Faaland, cand.psych aut.
Stine Marie Grome-Hansen Cand. Psych. Aut.
Tina Højsgaard Tinglef, cand.aut.psych
Henriette Juul Brandtberg, cand.psych
Louise Gjedsig, Cand. Psych. Aut.
Lærke Liv Hansen, cand. Psych.Aut.
Maria Høst, Cand.psych.
Lærke Juul Edelgaard, cand. Psych.
Lene Kirkegaard, cand.psych.aut
Anne Mette Hvidtfeldt Ravnmark, cand.psych.aut
Anna Krogh Andreassen, cand.psych.
Ditte Bruun Enevoldsen, cand.psych.
Nadia Katarina Lykke Widt, cand. psych.
Emilie Tomis Nielsen, cand.psych
Sofie Alsøe Krogsgaard, cand.psych.
Ása á Neystabø, cand.psych
Stine Steen Høgenhaug, Cand, psych, aut.
Camilla Bekker, Cand.psych
Signe Veje Odgaard, Cand. psych.
Edina Zahirovic, cand.psych.
Helena Bjellvåg, cand.psych.
Terese Strandbæk Lund, cand.psych. aut.
Katrine Hermannsen, cand.psych. aut.
Tea Frigaard, cand.psych.
Anne Krongaard Nielsen cand.psych.aut.
Tinna Winther Olesen cand. psych. aut.
Maja Egelund Nielsen, Cand.Psych.Aut.
Louise Ingegärd Friborg Andersen, cand.psych.aut.
Amalie R. Jepsen, cand.psych.
Rannvá Sloan Jørgensen, cand.psych.aut.
Rie Brodersen – cand.psych.
Sarah Pscheid Nielsen, cand.psych.aut.
Rebecca Poulsen, cand.psych.
Jon Glud Kloster, Cand Psych. Privatpraktiserende psykolog.
Louise Dalskov Helbo Jul, cand.psych
Emilie Theil Nielsen, cand.psych.
Krista Rasch, cand. psych.
Anne Soelberg, Cand.Psych.aut.
Åsa Rudehill Cand. Psych.
Trine Karsholt, cand.psych.
Amanda Marie Engelhardt, cand.psych
Marie Bork Coltau, cand. psych. Aut.
Eva Heitmann Rørosgaard, cand. Psych. Aut.
Helle Tølbøll Lund, Cand.psych.aut
Janne Dannerup, Cand.Psyk.Aut og PhD
Nadia Møller Christiansen cand. psych.
Berit Kjærside Nielsen, cand. psych., PhD.
Pernille Skouenborg, cand. psych.
Annesofie Søndergaard Krogh Johansen, cand.psych
Betina Nørgaard Mathiassen, cand. psych. aut.
Isabella Arbirk cand.psych
Anne Fensløv Larsen, cand.psych.
Annika Juul Gregersen, cand.psych.
Sarah Danielsen, cand.psych.
Hedie Lahijani, cand.psych
Sandrine Fanous Kjeldsen, Cand. psych. aut.
Ina Asmussen, cand.psych.
Iben Gwen Tollan, Cand.psych.
Ditte Ellebæk Larsen, cand.psych.
Nana Lange, cand. psych.
Camilla Ludvigsen, cand.pæd.psych. aut
Anne Ardahl Laier, cand.psych.aut
Anja Hansen, cand.psych.aut.
Helle Friis, cand.psych.aut
Marianne Bukh Ipsen, cand.psych.
Laura Zangenberg, cand.psych
Anna Harpviken, cand.psych
Anne Bräuner, cand.psych
Ann-Kathrine Jørgensen, cand. psych.aut
Merete Poulsen, cand.psych, PhD
Sofie Skole Gamborg, cand. Psych. Aut.
Amalie Kanstrup Lindgren, cand.psych
Jon kevin Staal, cand.psych.
Kristine Jensen de Lopez, cand.psych. PhD, Professor i udviklingspsykologi
Lone Sundahl Olsen, cand.psych.aut., Ph.D.
Natascha Riva, cand.psych.
Ida Schønau, cand. Psych. aut.
Josefine Frehr Lindstrøm, cand. psych.
Fríða Av Fløtum Jensen, cand.psych
Christin Nymann Lund, cand. psych. aut.
Pia Hjarsø Mortensen, cand.psych.aut.
Line Winther Nikolajsen, cand.psych.
Babak Mataee, cand.psych.aut.
John Hjarsø Mortensen cand.psych
Mette Arff Rimmen, cand.psych.aut.
Anna Friis, cand. psych. Aut
Sille Schandorph Løkkegaard, cand.psych., Ph.D.
Kitt Nirmala Andresen, cand.psych.aut.
Anne Nielsen, cand. Psyk. Aut.
Anne lyng Larsen, cand.psych.aut
Signe Verup, cand.psych.aut.
Birgitte Gorm Hansen, cand. Psych. PhD.
Maria Andersen, cand.psych
Miriam Utzon, cand.psych.aut
Marie Jose Nico, cand. psych.aut.
Faezeh Zand, cand. psych. aut. PhD, Specialist i Psykotraumatologi
Christina Findahl Balsby, cand. Psych.
Cecilie Westergaard Olsen, cand.psych.
Malene Lippert Lausen, cand.psych.aut
Marija Tomicic, cand.psych.aut
Bo Hansen, Cand.Psych.Aut.
Lissbet Fride Christensen, cand.psych.
Asta Boel Villadsen, cand.psych.
Annemarie Nyberg, cand. psych. aut.
Carina Majlund Lilbæk, cand. psych.
Eva Back Madsen, cand.psych.
Anne Dorrit Vivike, cand.psych. Aut. Specialist i psykoterapi og psykotraumatologi.
Ditte Lou Gantriis, cand.psych., PhD
Esther Ravn Andersen, cand.psych.aut.
Henriette Søe Jafner, Cand. Psych. aut.
Mette Torp Mouritsen, Cand. Psych. Aut.
Maria Rafn, cand.psych.
Cecilie Brommann, cand.psych.aut.
Sine Busch Johansen, cand.psych.aut.
Jette Gørtz Smestad. Cand.psych. aut. Specialist i klinisk psykologi
Lív Højsted Horsdal, cand.psych
Krista Straarup, Specialpsykolog
Sofie Nyhøj Kristensen, cand.psych.aut.
Anja Hubbard, Cand.psych.aut. Specialist i Klinisk Psykologi
Tórfríð A. Danielsen, cand.psych
Gitte Andersen, cand.psych.aut.
Gitte Blok Andersen, cand.psych.
Kasper Roos, cand.psych
Nina Søes Ibsen, cand.psych.
Ida Katballe, cand.psych.aut., psykolog i Socialforvaltningen
Judith Frøkiær Nielsen cand. Psych
Anne Elisabeth Traulsen cand.psych.aut.
Pernille Juul Zoega, cand.psych.aut.
Marianne ussing. Autoriseret psykolog
Helga Elisabeth Salling Árnadóttir, cand.psych.
Louise Dilling Thomsen, cand. psych. aut.
Randi Boysen Cand. psych. aut.
Sille Judithe Olesen, cand.psych
Jan Hesthaven Velling klinisk psykolog aut
Julie Randeris Johannesen, cand.psych
Christina Holst Welling, cand.psych.
Sofie Ryberg O’Brien, cand.psych.aut.
Lotte Nørbach, klinisk psykolog, aut.
Anette Espeland, Cand.Psych. Aut. specialist og supervisor i psykoterapi
Maria Holberg Hernø, Cand.Psych.
Sanne Helene Bekker. cand.psych.aut
Sandra R. Gufler cand.psych.
Line Engel Clasen, cand.psych.aut., Ph.D.
Katrine Stauvrebjerg Jensen, cand.psych
Charlotte Frøkjær, cand.psych.aut
Lea Petersen, cand. psych. aut.
Katrine Møller Hansen cand.psych
Sara Leszczynska, cand.psych
Rasmus holm, specialpsykolog i psykiatri
Louise Larsen, cand.psych.
Lena Lippke, cand.psych.aut., Ph.D.
Christina Schlander. Cand. Psyk. Aut.
Mette Outrup. Cand.Psych.
Maja Elisabeth Knudsen, cand.psych.
Lisbeth Grønborg, cand.psych.aut.Phd
Christina Lykke Larsen, cand.psych.
Lærke Bjerager, cand.psych.aut
Helle Frelle-Petersen, specialist i psykoterapi og supervisor
Anna McMillan, Stud.cand.psych
Birgitte Nør-Hansen, Cand. Pæd. Psych. Aut.
Charlotte Hesselberg, Cand. Pæd. Psych. Aut.
Marie Fleischer, cand.psych.aut.
Anne Lippert, Cand. Psyk.Aut.
Charlotte Jaeger, cand.psych.aut.
Ulrik Jørgensen, cand. psych aut. specialist i psykoterapi
Maria Rasmussen, cand.psych.
Camilla Westh, cand.psych.
Anne Mette Grøn. Cand.Psych.
Duygu Demir Kirkan, cand.psych.aut
Mia Skovmark, cand.psych
Anny Lee, cand.psych.
Camilla Ellegaard, cand.psych.aut.
Pernille Louise Kjeldsen, cand.psych.
Janne Klærke Rasmussen, specialist i psykoterapi
Anja R. Bjældager. Cand. Psych. Aut.
Janne Forsberg Hertz, cand. psych. aut., specialist i klinisk psykologi (voksen)
Mette Fonsø, cand. psych.
Maria Houlind, cand. Psych. Aut.
Nadia Mathiesen, cand.psych.
Stina Foshaug, cand.psych.aut
Laura Hanghøj, Cand. Psych.
Anne Cathrine Lefevre, cand.psych.aut
Maj Schøler Fausing, cand.psych, ph.d.
Rose marie Teyken cand. Psych.
Sanne Thomsen, Cand. Psych.Aut
Louise Hykkelbjerg Jensen, Cand.Psych
Ann Charlotte Christophersen, specialist i klinisk neuropsykologi
Jane Evald cand.psych., aut. og specialist i børneneuropsykologi
Simon Ozer, cand. psych., PhD
June Overhau Andersen, cand. psych.
Line Marcussen, cand.psych.
Kristine Mikkelsen, cand. psych., aut.
Julie Bønnebæk aut. Cand. Psych.
Marie Munk Binderup, cand.psych
Anneli Sejer Iversen, cand.psych
Kim Bistrup, Cand. Psych. Aut.
Maria Cass, cand.psych.
Oluf Gøtzsche-Astrup, cand.psych.
Dorthe Beck Frederiksen, cand.psych.aut
Anne Lykke Høigaard, cand.psych.
Pia Bundgaard, cand.psych.aut.
Amalie Vatne Brean, cand.psych.
Sabine Maria Schönhoff, cand.psych.aut.
Isalena Pagh Brauer, cand.psych.
Line Nørgaard Rasbak, cand.psych.
Malene Mikkelsen, Cand. Psych.
Pernille Slipsager Jørgensen, cand.psych.
Ida Marie Ankerfelt, cand.psych.
Pernille Holmboe, cand.psych.aut.,specialist og supervisor i psykoterapi. Specialpsykolog i Psykiatri
Esben Norup, Cand. Psych.
Louise Becker cand.psych.aut.
Helle Spure cand.psych.aut.
Puk Birgitte Gesner Christensen, cand. Psyk. Aut.
Mads Bonde Ubbesen. Cand. Psych. Aut. Phd
Kathrine Andersen, cand.psych.
Anne Ranning, cand.psych, PhD i Psykiatri
Stinne Thuesen, cand.psych.
Sandra Ebbesen, cand.psych
Marie Birkholm. Cand. Psych. Aut.
Kim Bisgaard cand. psyk. aut.
Eva Henriksen, Cand. Psych.
Anja Dahl Pedersen, cand. psych. aut.
Kathrine Ratkovic, cand.psych.
Jakob Gamborg, cand.psych.
Julie Demosa Enevoldsen, cand.psych. Ansat som klinisk børnepsykolog
Christina Hjortslev Horsleben, cand. Psych. Aut.
Nanna Marie Lindkvist Mortensen, cand.psych. aut
Christoffer Kølgaard, cand.psych. aut.
Benedikte Kusk Coltau, cand.psych.
Lone Birgitte Ladekarl, cand.psych.aut.
Lene Vejen Nissen, cand.psych
Trine Ravn Andersen, cand.psych.aut.
Marie-Theres Conradi, cand.psych.
Kirsti Viktoria Brigtsen, cand.psych.
Stine Tidemand Sørensen, cand.psych.
Karine Parello-Plesner, aut. Psykolog
Kirstine Legart Berthelsen, cand.psych.
Laura Bertelsen, cand.psych.
Mie Nissen, cand.psych.
Christina Saaby Jørgensen, cand.psych.
Andreas Mønster, cand.psych.
Linda Burlan Sørensen cand.psych.aut, Specialist i psykoterapi og supervision
Heidi Laursen, cand.psych.aut.
Nanna Maribo Krog, cand.psych. Aut.
Janni Strandby Madsen, cand.psych. Aut.
Rikke Donat Smed, cand.psych.aut
Louise Brøndum cand.psych.aut
Louise Stokbro cand.psych.aut
Betty Jacobsen, cand.psych. Pensioneret
Louise Jacobi, cand.psych.aut.
Dianna Bjørnkjær Loft, cand.psych.aut.
Dion Sommer, cand.psych., Ph.d. og professor i udviklingspsykologi


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